Renewable Energy

2B Tex management currently have almost 10 years of experience in Renewable Energy Sector. Under this Renewable Energy Division it supplied and installed numerous Solar Home System (SHS) ; Off-Grid, On-Grid & Hybrid Solar System; Solar Irrigation Pump; Solar System for Net-Metering; Solar Street Light under guideline of IDCOL and SREDA. Currently we are providing professional lighting services under Osman Powertech and Engineering.

IDCOL & SREDA Approved Products :

1. Solar Panel (30Wp to 330Wp)

2. Charge Controller

3. Off-Grid, On-Grid & Hybrid Inverter

4. Solar Integrated Street Light (15W, 20W & 30W)

5. LiFePO4 Battery for Solar Street Light

6. Irrigation Pump

Our Services :

  • We provide designs for Solar Systems under IDCOL & SREDA guide lines, System commissioning work (1KWp to 500KWp) with battery/With out Battery Back up. Also provide major product which is related to this system (Solar PV Module, Charge Controller (PWM + MPPT), On Grid, Off Grid, Hybrid Inverter, Battery, Bi Directional Inverter) and other related structure & accessories

  • We provide designs for Solar Street Lights under IDCOL & SREDA guide lines, System commissioning work (15W,20W,30W LED Street Light). We provide full range of related products (Solar PV Module, LED DC Street Light with Battery & Controller), GI Poles with Fabrication and Civil Related Works and also provide other related accessories.

  • We design, supply and install Solar Irregation project (Solar PV Module, Pump Controller, Submersible/Surface Pump, Solar Frame, Boring) etc under IDCOL and SREDA guide lines.

Management Experience :

  • Our management have experience of setting up 179 branch offices and installing 100,643 no's of SHS, total capacity around 8.5 MW in different rural off-grid areas all around Bangladesh.

  • Have experience of installing 1425 no's of Solar Roof Top System (total capacity 2.45 MW) On the Roof of different Houses and industrial buildings of different cities and industrial areas of Bangladesh.

  • Have experience of installing 15,705 no's of Solar Street Lights in different areas of Bangladesh

  • Have experience of installing 62 no's of Solar Irrigation Pump in different off-grid and on-grid areas of Bangladesh replacing diesel pumps.

  • To implement GREEN ENERGY in all Base Transmission Station (BTS), have installed 213 nos. Solar, Battery and Generator hybrid systems.

  • We have installed “Cement-Brick” and “Fiber-Glass” bio digester model Biogas plants. Mostly in Poultry firms, Cattle firm and Houses. Capacity: Small Scale ( 2.4-4.8 CM) and Medium Scale ( 7.5 to 20 CM) .